Saturday, April 23, 2011

Why Everyone Should Apply For Financial Aid

There’s still time to fill out a FAFSA form to get money for college! At this point in the game, some of you may have given up, surrendering to the rapidly growing costs of college. You may even believe you and/or your family can handle the price tag. Why go through the trouble when there’s a chance you won’t get any money at all?

There is only one guaranteed scenario in all this confusion: If you do not apply for any financial aid you will not get any money. Even if you can afford tuition, you will probably need help paying for the dorms, food, books, etc. It all starts adding up!

Most colleges accept students using a “need-blind” process. This means they cannot use your financial situation as criteria for your acceptance. It also means there really is no reason to put off finishing your FAFSA. You’ve put in all the hours getting in, why not do a little more work to go comfortably?

To find out deadlines for your state visit the FAFSA website.

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