Monday, July 8, 2013

Online High School and Diploma Programs

After years of research, I finally found the best online high school diploma programs! Feel free to contact me anytime and let me know your situation. What grade are you going in? What state are you from? Do you want to find public or private schooling online. Any information you can send, will help me determine the best online school for you needs. Email me anytime at and I'll get back to you usually within 24 hours.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Interesting Statistic

I recently did a survey and found that out of 10,000 students, there was something very troubling!  Over 95% of them said that their high school counselors (who help with free college advice) did not help them at all and they still did not feel comfortable applying to college.  I cannot begin to tell you the importance of hiring a real college counselor (even if only for a few hours)! The knowledge they have and their expertise in college admissions is SECOND TO NONE!!!

A college counselor can GREATLY help your chances of getting into the college of your choice!  College Counselors can help with your college admission essay, college application, fafsa application, grants, scholarships and so much more.  The best college counselors also know what specific schools are looking for when applying.  Want more info on getting the best college counselor?  READ THE NEXT BLOG POST...

Monday, April 9, 2012

Get Into the College of Your Choice over 90% of the Time

The writers at The FAFSA Blog are now offering an amazing new service to help you achieve your dreams: One on One College Counseling - Over 90% of students get into the college of their choice by working with a college counselor.

Learning how to write your college essay or fill out the your college applications correctly, can be the difference between getting into the college of your choice or not.  Our writers at The Fafsa Blog are the most knowledgeable consultants available and work with students to achieve their educational goals.

The FAFSA Blog's One on One College Counseling service is simple, easy and you don't even have to leave your home...In just 3 easy steps, you'll be on your way to college:

1. Email (publisher of The FAFSA Blog).

2. Schedule a call at the days and times you are available.

3. Receive a call from one of our College Counselors at your scheduled time.

Pricing for One on One College Counselors are some of the cheapest in the industry:

Per Hour - $75

5 Hour Packages - $350 ($70 per hour)

10 Hour Packages - $650 ($65 per hour)

Email to schedule your One on One College Counseling Today!

Friday, March 30, 2012

Achieve the American Dream with These 4 High-Paying Jobs

Recently, there was an article written in a popular newspaper about the condition of the U.S. job market. Although jobs are sporadic these days, there are several companies hiring. However, many of these companies are unable to fill high-paying positions because they’re having a difficult time finding qualified employees.

Whether we like it or not, companies with the extra capital to spare for hiring are going to focus on applicants that will add value to their company. If your goal is to find a high-paying job with excellent benefits, you will need a college degree.

You Can Afford College with an FAFSA Student Loan

Often times, people will put off going to college because they can’t afford the expense. They assume the only way they can pay for college is to work two or three jobs. The good news is you can afford college with an FAFSA student loan.  An FAFSA student loan can help you pursue your dream of getting a high-paying job with a thriving company.

Here are the top four high-paying jobs that require a college degree:

Marketing Manager Salary- $100,000

Marketing managers have a diverse amount of responsibilities ranging from brand development to public relations. Additional job tasks include providing financial analytics, promotions development and media buying. The type of responsibilities of a marketing manager depends on the size of the company you work for. For example, you may work at a small business to help coordinate chamber appearances and coordinate ads. If you work with a large corporation with a large marketing budget, your responsibilities will be more diversified.   

Companies who hire marketing managers look for ‘movers and shakers’ with marketing prowess and exceptional communication skills. Degree requirements include a four-year degree. Those who earn their MBA will more than likely get hired for high-level executive marketing positions.

Air Traffic Controller Salary - $100,430

Air traffic controllers are employed by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). They are responsible for the safety of private and commercial aircraft. Air traffic controllers help in reducing air traffic delays. As an air traffic controller, your job responsibilities will include arranging the movement of air traffic to keep aircraft at a safe distance from one another.

An air traffic controller helps planes position for landing and takeoff. They also communicate with pilots and warn about hazardous weather conditions. In order to earn top-level pay, a four-year degree and three years of experience are required. Plus, you must also pass an aptitude test.

Lawyer Salary - $110,590

A lawyer's specialty isn't limited to criminal law or personal injury law. There are numerous opportunities for individuals with law degrees. There are several industries that need legal representation in a variety of areas, such as: intellectual property law, family law, environmental law, civil law and even entertainment law. In addition, many lawyers choose to specialize in waste management, insurance, construction, securities, etc.

In order to become a lawyer, a four-year degree from an ABA-accredited law school is required and you must pass the bar exam.

Airline Pilot Salary - $134,090

Becoming an airline pilot is one of the most exciting jobs. It not only offers a nice salary, it also comes with excellent benefits. Plus, you’re only required to work 100 hours per month due to FAA regulations. Although having a four-year degree is not mandatory, it is suggested because of the competitive landscape of the airline industry. Certification is also required and you must have 250 hours worth of experience in order to become a licensed pilot.  Once you get hired by an airline, it usually takes 5-15 years to become a captain.

Achieve the American Dream!

FAFSA Student Loan programs make it possible for people to achieve the American Dream. Now is the perfect time to pursue your degree.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

3 Fastest-Growing Careers with a B.A. Degree

Are you thinking about applying for a FAFSA student loan to pursue a B.A. degree but you’re unsure of what career path to take?  Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Many people have the same concern. The good news is there are plenty of paths to take when it comes to finding a solid career.

According to recent statistics taken from the Bureau of Labor, there are a few jobs that will grow extremely fast between now and 2018.  Here are three of the fastest-growing careers:

Athletic Fitness Trainers

An athletic fitness trainer basically helps athletes heal and prevent injuries. Becoming an athletic trainer provides a swarm of possibilities. For example, you could work in a variety of settings, such as working with professional or amateur sports teams.  You can work in a sports medicine clinic, university sports programs or work with athletes on a private basis. Some athletic fitness trainers choose to teach at a university level -- the options are endless. 

Income: The median income level for an athletic fitness trainer is approximately $39,640. If you choose to work independently as a trainer, you can earn considerably more.

Computer Applications Software Engineers

A computer applications software engineer develops, designs, evaluates and tests software and systems that make computers function properly.  In this particular career, you will be involved in a variety of software types, including business applications, word processing, network distribution, operating systems and even computer games. 

As a computer applications software engineer, you can work with a company and help them organize their computer needs.  For instance, you can help them coordinate their computer system for payroll record-keeping, billing, inventory, order processing and more. 

Income: The median income starts at $79,780.  Some engineers start off working with a company and branch off onto their own by starting a business. As an independent software engineer, you can earn an unlimited amount of money.

Environmental Engineers

What do Environmental Engineers do? Their job is to ensure that our planet is in livable condition for future generations. The ultimate goal of an environmental engineer is to help construction companies and cities discover ways to build (homes, businesses, etc.) efficiently without harming the environment.  They also aid in cleaning up environmental mistakes from previous years and work with factories to ensure they operate without excessive pollution.

Income: The median salary of an environmental engineer is $74,020.

There you have it, three of the fastest-growing careers you can choose with a B.A. degree. To get started on your path to success, simply apply for a FAFSA student loan. Before you know it, you’ll be living your dream of earning a bachelors degree and landing a good job.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Finally...Great Student Loans all in One Place

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